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Yulia Tsyba

Nowadays, your newsfeeds can easily get filled with various posts, “how-tos” on improving your productivity; you may find ideas on how to concentrate, organise your workflow – and so on. The plentitude of such guides is fantastic – it means they are in demand, which indicates one thing for sure – people want to be better and want to improve themselves. Recently, I have realised that there is one main key to my own productivity – and that is being

It’s been awhile since Drupal 8 was first ready to try out. But even since then, I was checking out news, reading updated docs, working on my Drupal 7 projects… still waiting for something real. And it finally happened – during the keynote at DrupalCon Barcelona, Dries announced the first D8 release candidate and basically confirmed that it’s now ready for production sites! And there my journey had started; after all those weeks, I finally receiv

I’m a Drupal developer and like most of my colleagues, I’m excited over PHPStorm. It has a lot of advantages (performance being the main one for me). One great advantage is Live Templates, which are predefined code fragments that you can insert into your source code. The best part about it – if you’re a Drupal dev –  is that there is already a repo of live templates for Drupal. (Tip: if you use OSX & PHPStorm 7+, then you’ll probably need to