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Szymon Karnecki

Basic Vault setup was covered in a previous post. In this one, we are going to focus on integrating Vault with AWS ECS. The goal here is to allow services to access Vault on a dedicated service namespace. Vault recently released new AppRole authentication geared towards machines and services. AppRole is a set of login credentials — that allows us to get a Vault Token with a pre-defined scope. Overview The AWS IAM Task Role lets you specify which

What is Vault. Vault is an open source tool aiming to solve problem of managing secrets(passwords, API keys, certs). This data is sensitive and located at the crossroads of 3 areas of responsibility: security, operations and developers. Vault is written in Go and distributed as a single static binary – it’s easy to start testing on your local machine. In this article You will find out how to start working with Vault. Though it does not contain wh