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Peter Kaleta

Earlier this year, we organised our first X-Outpost, a hacker-house experience designed to bring a group of remote working individuals closer together. The goal was to build a creative environment in which people would freely share the best remote work practices and travel experience they gathered. (In case you are curious about details, we documented the whole X-Outpost Gran Canaria chapter here.) We want to close this year with a mighty swing t

Bootstrapping your stay Remote work, done while traveling, is ruled by its own set of sojourn laws. Whether you are staying a fortnight or two months, a single truth always prevails: The cost of decisions you will make during the first 48 hours of a visit to your dreamland of choice, can – and probably will – haunt you for the whole stay. Or would you prefer to bootstrap everything you need in the first 48 hours and enjoy your cocktails and sunse

Right now, I’m working with one of X-Team’s partners to help them take their architecture and development stack to the next level. One of our tasks is to provide a scalable testing environment for a number of projects which are currently under heavy development. You can think about it as an ecosystem containing multiple products sharing similar objects from the same business domain. It was only natural to model our testing environment in the same