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Karol Sójko

Throughout October 2017, we ran the first season of Productivity Quest — our Slack-based series of challenges tailored to improve the way we work. It turned out to be a huge success and kept the community wanting more. This year, we decided to take a different spin.

Encouraged by the reaction of our community to the fitness quest that we have run recently, we decided to take a swing at improving our productivity in a series of fun challenges. The goal was to try out different approaches to improving how we work and share our opinions on it. We designed ProductivityQuest to be a 3-week collaborative Slack game and hoped for some interest. Instead, we got a ton of positive feedback, far more than we had dared

While the vacation season is in full, here are a few tips to fight back your back-to-work blues. Catch Ideas When you come back to your daily routine with a fresh perspective, you will start to notice that you have ideas on how to approach stuff differently. Maybe an idea on how to be more productive passes through your thoughts. Remember to capture those ideas in a neat to-do list. Take notes and use them to your advantage. Who knows, maybe you

So you want to get things done, right? You want to take control of your life and check those to-dos like a champ. I assume you do. Otherwise, you are here by some weird space-time continuum accident. Personal Development Hour Starting today, I want to you have an hour to yourself every week. Dedicate that time to your personal development. Whether it is reading a book, watching a video of a conference talk, or creating a "hello world" a

Tool X is more productive As you have probably noticed, most of the productivity tools compete with each other by promising greatness. Trying that brand new one, feels like this will be the one that will make you a more productive person. Getting more things done easily is just a few clicks away. Here are some examples of promises in bold letters on their pages: Wunderlist: "Keep your life in sync" Todoist: "Accomplish more, every

Last year, I spent most of my work trying to bring the potential of my fellow developers into full play. I was pretty confident about the routine I have established. This year, I’m trying out a new approach based on experiences from last year. I’m certain it will help others be more focused on their growth. The background Currently, I take care of 18 developers and their growth. The way we work is mostly based on the approach I have described in

We've decided to start a series of blog posts about the paths that our developers have taken as part of our Unleash program and their journey thus far. As the first example, I’d like to introduce you to one of the most humble and passionate developers I’ve ever worked with. This is the Unleash story of Mr. Kelvin De Moya. The humble beginnings I remember starting my work as an Unleasher in X-Team at the beginning of 2016 and Kelvin was one of the