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Kamil Ogórek

Working as a developer sometimes requires more knowledge than just that of programming itself. It’s always a good idea to grasp some concepts from other IT fields as well. One of these concepts is file system permissions, proper management of which is a must when it comes to working with files, e.g., using node.js fs module. I won’t write what exactly 777 or r/w/x mean, as it’s a very broad topic, but I’ll try to show how we can use those concept

Although JavaScript ECMAScript 6 is just around the corner, there’re still plenty of developers that are not aware of possibilities given to them in ES5 edition, in terms of arrays-based operations. Let’s go through all seven of them and explain how they work one-by-one. New ES5 methods forEach Let’s start with the basics: the forEach method. A few years ago when we wanted to iterate through an array and perform some kind of action, we would prob

One of the greatest things about programming is that you can change stuff. You can modify them, shape, bend to your needs. But as good as it may sound, unfortunately it is a double-edged sword. Having the ability to change is tempting and dangerous at the same time. If you work in a development team, especially one made of mostly remote developers, you might find that without necessary preparations, you will spend plenty of time on obvious bugs f

As awesome as Github’s web interface is, trying to use it alongside your terminal can be rather time consuming and may slow down your workflow. Why couldn’t you just perform all your common actions straight from the CLI? Well, you can. And it’s not just another homemade application. It comes straight from GitHub itself. Let me introduce you to Hub, a simple wrapper around Git’s CLI which allows you to make any operation that can be done with GitH

Git has become a popular version control system and one we’ve embraced. For a lot of dev teams though, starting to work with a brand new system raises a lot of questions, the most important being how to setup a good workflow. There are many opinions on this subject, and it takes time to wade through all of them. The “Forking with feature branches workflow” is one workflow that has been adopted by a very large crowd of open-source developers, incl