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Diego Seghezzo

Hello world! That seems to be the first line every young developer tries to do, but it has many other meanings for a remote developer. We meet people from all over the world — clients, colleagues, providers — and that gives us the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences, ways of thinking and more. For example, I am from Argentina, and I have the opportunity to work every day with people from Denmark, Uruguay, the U.S, Russia, Ireland, Poland,

So, you have a job. You are working 9-to-5, and the only thing you can do during that time is work. No distractions until the lunch break, which doesn’t give you really enough time to do other important things, maybe doing some small errands like going to the bank, or paying your rent. So what do you do if you need more time for personal things? You have to wait until finishing your shift, and just then, tired, you can attend to any other thing t