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Dave Rosen

Today, we’re excited to announce that X-Team is being split into two separate companies! X-Team International Pty Ltd, which will focus on developer resourcing, which has been our most successful business model in the last decade; and X-Team WP Pty Ltd which will focus on Enterprise WordPress solutions, which we’ve had incredible results with over the last year. The split is to empower each company to focus on doing one thing and doing it well. T

Enterprise website development in 2014 typically involves integrating with third-party technology services to enable specialized functionality such as social engagement, authentication, video, big data and content management (to name a few). The last few years have seen many such technology services enter the market and compete to sign their solution up with big brands. Whichever software company provides the best sales deck often wins. Typically

X-Team is a company focused on people. So in 2013, we built some new foundational infrastructure focused on people, who they work with, and what they work on. This new infrastructure provides a directory services database to centralise all people, teams and projects in the one place. At the core is an open source LDAP-compatible directory server, on top of which we built a HTTP API that speaks JSON, CSV, & XML, and understands browser cookies

Design should be collaborative. Not a competition. Design should be part of company culture. Not just a space reserved for graphic experts. Design’s primary tool should be conversation (and sticky-notes). Not Photoshop. Design should reinvent (question) the challenge. Not respond with mocks to a brief. Design should set the spirit for the entire meaning of a project. Not just be a phase in a project. Design should focus on people. Not pixels, fon

Almost a decade ago we launched a dedicated JavaScript service called JSized. JSized was focused on high-level JavaScripting needs, defining and coordinating the JavaScript architectural strategy for major websites and applications. It was built on our love and passion for JavaScript. The branding of JSized was spear-headed by a mascot influenced by the Indonesian monkey king Hanuman. We chose Hanuman because when it comes to engineering JavaScri

Going beyond expert to extraordinary Empowering your team to do the same Building the future That’s super. Putting empathy before ambition Embracing challenges with inspiring passion Asking for nothing That’s hero. Super without Hero means power without purpose Hero without Super means passionate with no gain Super plus Hero? That achieves the impossible. To most, superheroes mean capes and masks To me, superheroes are the people I collaborate wi

Superheroes amplify the company mission by adding their unique vision. Employees don’t get heard and lose meaning. Superheroes use their superpowers to take the company to new heights. Employees are shackled to a job description harness. Superheroes get frequent reminders of how fundamental they are. Employees get processes and policies they need to follow. Superheroes change the world – even in their free time. Employees clock-on and clock-off.