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Deji Akala

As PHP evolves, its integral parts are becoming more and more powerful. Being one of the most important data types, Arrays certainly aren't excluded from that progress. Keep reading to see how working with Arrays has changed together with PHP.

Managing dates presents a challenge in web applications, such as the storage and display of dates and times in different timezones. Events have start and end dates, some may be all day or repeated. How to do it right?

Autoloading is a unified way of including files anywhere in an application while ensuring they are found at a specified location. It boils down to a method or function that generates require statements for as many files as determined by the code.

An OPCode is the numeric identifier of a single operation that can be performed by the Zend Virtual Machine (Zend VM). Here's a quick primer on why it's good knowing about them.

People often confuse open source with free. Many also feel overwhelmed by the vast array of licenses that may or may not be used for various projects. This blog aims to clear up some of the concepts related to (F)OSS and licensing.

If you've been looking for an advanced PHP CMS or a powerful PHP Framework to build your next site in, this blog will give you an overview of everything Drupal 8 has to offer.