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Bernardo Dias

My two kids Leonardo and Eduardo and I walking in the forest near from our house. When I became an X-Teamer, I was able to bring wife, two sons and dogs to live in Ubatuba, a beautiful place in Brazil filled with more than 100 beaches. Why could I do this? Because now I could work from anywhere. It’s seriously amazing. And soon after I had arrived, I met people that were already involved in very interesting movements related to a vast variety of

Content is the center of the digital experience. The ease of access, long-term maintainability, and search engine ranking of your content will largely be affected by how it is structured. We’ll leave the topic of structuring data for a future conversation and focus on the most common way in which content is presented in most devices today: as HTML. For almost all developers, HTML needs no introduction, yet nevertheless there are some concepts wor