What happens when I pass your vetting?

Once that happens, you'll be put on a shortlist of candidates, which consists of developers who’ve come from all our recruiting channels. You can think of it as a Top 5 or Top 10 of candidates for a given role.

Our Business Development Managers then draw from these shortlists when pitching candidates to our partners. If you're in the top spot, congratulations, you’ve likely already been contacted. If you're lower down, however, you'll be put forward for the job only if the candidates above them don’t get accepted.

How do X-Teamers communicate on a daily basis?

You'll probably find that we have the most unique and engaging experience you've ever seen in a remote company. Whether it's communicating with the partner in a private channel or learning about a delicious coffee someone just had in Brazil in #club-coffee, Slack is where everything happens for us! Otherwise, we also use tools like Zoom, Google Docs, Confluence, etc. to communicate daily.

Do X-Teamers work on one project or many?

X-Teamers work on one project at a time, so they don’t have to waste time and energy switching from one project to another. At X-Team, we know how costly context-switching is, especially when you're in the zone.

Do X-Teamers work in teams or alone?

The majority of roles are part of projects that already have a handful or more of developers actively working on them. An X-Teamer will rarely be all alone on a project. It generally only occurs when that developer is extremely experienced across all the skills required for the role.

Are the X-Team jobs I see on job boards real?

All the jobs on the job boards are based on requests from our clients, which means they can actually be filled if we find the right candidate. So they're as real as they come.

Will you hire me full-time or as a freelancer?

You'll be hired as a full-time contractor (160 hours/month), contracting remotely with our company in Australia.

Will I be working full-time or part-time hours?

At X-Team, we only hire people who can fully dedicate themselves to a project. That means a standard 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.

Are working hours flexible?

Oftentimes, there are time zone constraints that require some overlap with our partners (usually 4-5 hours). As long as you're able to commit to working and being available online during this overlap and attending the necessary calls, you can choose your hours however you please.

How will I get paid?

Every X-Teamer receives an hourly wage at a rate that’s decided toward the end of the application process. This rate is determined by your experience, communication ability, leadership ability, and overall skills.

How long will my contract last?

Most contracts last about 10 or more months depending on the requirements of our partners. Some contracts can be as short as 3 months and others have lasted 10 years.

What happens when that contract ends?

If you've proven yourself to be a good and dependable team member, we try our best to either get your contract extended for the same partner or find something else for you. If we can’t find anything, whatever you’ll have agreed with our Business Development Managers goes.

What are your perks?

Generally, apart from working 100% remotely and having access to the world’s most energizing community for developers, you receive an annual budget of $2,500 called Unleash+, which you can use on things that energize them, including coworking, conferences, video games, gym membership, organic produce, headphones, weekend getaways, and much more.

Do you provide paid vacation?

X-Team doesn’t offer paid vacation time, but can arrange for vacation time. Like any contractor role, be sure to incorporate vacation time, health insurance, etc. into your hourly rate.

Do X-Teamers ever meet in person?

Absolutely! X-Team organizes several events throughout the year where X-Teamers can meet up with other X-Teamers, which includes X-Outposts, conferences, meetups, the X-Summit (our biggest event with usually half the community), and more.

Our most popular event is the X-Outpost, which takes place once a month for 2-3 weeks somewhere exotic in the world. Participants get to live in a big, cool house rent-free, work during the day, and take part in activities after work and on the weekends. It’s pretty epic.