Enterprise website development in 2014 typically involves integrating with third-party technology services to enable specialized functionality such as social engagement, authentication, video, big data and content management (to name a few).

The last few years have seen many such technology services enter the market and compete to sign their solution up with big brands. Whichever software company provides the best sales deck often wins. Typically decisions are made by managers who may not have the expert technical opinion to help know the real impact and ideal solution for the existing codebase.

It’s a maze of options with companies proposing solutions with overlapping features that continually change.

The end result often means seeing technology partners change frequently, which leads to a new strategy each year rather than a long-term solution.

Social engagement: Livefyre, Disqus or MassRelevance?

Authentication: Janrain or Gigya?

Video: Brightcove or Kaltura or Ooyala?

Big data: BlueKai or eXelate?

Content management: WordPress or Drupal?

X-Team is committed to helping our partners make the right choices, and for this to happen we’re happy to announce a new Integrations team that will specialize in expertise in third-party technology services, such as the ones listed above.

Our integrations team will undertake continuous analysis and technical know-how in order to provide objective and real advice from a technical standpoint to help brands build long-term technical strategies that will best achieve their goals.

If you’re currently faced with making a decision on which technology service to use, feel free to reach out to us.