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A New Chapter, a New CEO

The last decade has been an incredible journey for X-Team.

We were there to help bring inspiring ideas to life with companies like Twitter, Threadless and RIOT Games.

We helped build digital futures for enterprises like FOX Broadcasting, Rogers Communications and Microsoft.

We partnered with extraordinary companies, such as Automattic, to give jetpacks to exponentially growing markets.

We’ve been inspired by incredibly passionate open source communities, like Drupal & WordPress, and used those values to better operate X-Team as a company from the future.

And best of all, we’ve done it with the help of some of the most inspiring developers from more than 25 different countries.

We’ve never been better positioned for growth and to unlock an even greater vision.

We are excited to announce that Dave Rosen, X-Team’s founder and CEO, will be transitioning into a new role to oversee a new venture that will allow us to create more companies from the future.

As part of this role transition, we’re also announcing today that Ryan Chartrand will be assuming a leadership role within X-Team to lead the company’s growth and focus.

Ryan has, for the past two years, helped lead X-Team’s branding, positioning and business development strategies. As X-Team USA’s new CEO, he will be focused on taking the company to a new level of focus and scalability.

And to help ensure that new focus, we recently created a new company, X-Team WP Pty Ltd, which will focus on Enterprise WordPress solutions under separate leadership. The separation allows X-Team to now be positioned to effect incredible change in the development industry.

In July, we will announce the beginning of that new chapter.

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