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6 months ago
Front-end, JavaScript // 6 months ago

X-Team launches new American Idol Season 13 website

“Truly incredible,” were the words from an American Idol executive as we unveiled the Season 13 website for one of the longest standing reality TV shows. It’s comments like that that remind us why we love building websites.

This year’s launch was certainly the smoothest in years, which was an incredible feat considering it was the first fully responsive website for Idol, had a drastically new design, was the first FOX site with parallax, integrates a ton of 3rd party services (Gigya, Livefyre, MassRelevance, Arktan, etc.), and was built in only a month and a half.

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7 months ago
JavaScript // 7 months ago

Hall of Heroes welcomes JSized

Almost a decade ago we launched a dedicated JavaScript service called JSized. JSized was focused on high-level JavaScripting needs, defining and coordinating the JavaScript architectural strategy for major websites and applications. It was built on our love and passion for JavaScript.

The branding of JSized was spear-headed by a mascot influenced by the Indonesian monkey king Hanuman. We chose Hanuman because when it comes to engineering JavaScript for a modern web experience, it can feel like you’re hacking a path through an impassable jungle. Fortunately our expert DOM-fu makes it easy to slice through the tangled vines of complexity, performance and compatibility.

What we said back then still holds true today — JavaScript is like the roots of a jungle, connecting everything to everything else and holding it all together.

The efforts of JSized have helped us build unique mobile experiences, re-imagine popular plugins like FlexSlider, and allowed us to be one of the early innovators with parallax (among many other accomplishments).

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9 months ago
JavaScript // 9 months ago

ORBX.js: A vision of the future

There was a time when people thought of web apps as less-functional-and-slower versions of native apps. Fortunately that misperception is being challenged every day, and the gap is starting to look significantly shorter.

“ORBX.js enables state of the art 1080p60 cloud streaming to all HTML5 browsers, without the use of plug-ins, browser-specific video codecs, thin client-installations or native code dependencies.”

Between node.js, ORBX.js and many others, JavaScript is certainly growing up to be a powerful technology to keep watching.

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