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Nested controllers, ngInclude & $scope

When working with AngularJS, $scope will have a pivotal role in your work and when starting out you might run into roadbumps unless you have a rough idea about how to work with it. I’ll aim to explain a couple issues about $scope and ngInclude that I’ve run into. Below you’ll learn how to avoid targeting $parent or $child scopes when using ng-include, and how to debug…

5 Ways To Grow As A Web Developer

The ever–growing web development industry makes it more and more challenging to stay up to date with everything that we want. Thankfully there are a few solutions: finding your niche, managing tasks better, and spending time only on things that will help you grow. Find these and other tips in the slideshare below.

X-Team launches new American Idol Season 13 website

“Truly incredible,” were the words from an American Idol executive as we unveiled the Season 13 website for one of the longest standing reality TV shows. It’s comments like that that remind us why we love building websites. This year’s launch was certainly the smoothest in years, which was an incredible feat considering it…

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