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JavaScript ES5: Meet the Object.defineProperty() method

Currently everyone is looking forward to JavaScript ES6. However for me and many other JavaScript developers, ES5 has several interesting built-in methods which are still not commonly known or used. It’s definitely worthwhile to devote some time learning those less popular methods. In my opinion they are the perfect solution when JavaScript is not only…

File system permissions and umask in node.js

Working as a developer sometimes requires more knowledge than just of programming itself. It’s always a good idea to grasp some concepts from other IT fields as well. One of these concepts are file system permissions, proper management of which is a must when it comes to working with files, eg. using node.js fs module….

Xplorers: A deep-dive into mkdirp

Greetings adventurer! In today’s expedition we’re going to pick a popular nodejs library and dive into its depths to see what we can find. If this all goes to plan we’ll come away not only understanding the internal workings of a commonly-used module, we’ll also discover some interesting patterns and techniques along the way. Meet…

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