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7 months ago
Design // 7 months ago

Our design manifesto

Design should be collaborative. Not a competition.

Design should be part of company culture. Not just a space reserved for graphic experts.

Design’s primary tool should be conversation (and sticky-notes). Not Photoshop.

Design should reinvent (question) the challenge. Not respond with mocks to a brief.

Design should set the spirit for the entire meaning of a project. Not just be a phase in a project.

Design should focus on people. Not pixels, fonts, colors or layouts.

Design should be born out of insights from all stakeholders. Not outsourced.

Design should be based on deep understanding. Not what subjectively looks nice.


7 months ago
Design, The X // 7 months ago

Dear X-Team: Thank you for unleashing my hero

I will never forget my first day with X-Team. It was winter in Lisbon, and summer in Melbourne. I received a personal video from Dave Rosen (X-Team’s CEO), filmed on a beach in Australia. It was amazing getting a welcoming video from the other side of the planet. We then did some Skype calls with other X-Team superheroes from all around the world. I will never forget that.

As part of my welcoming experience, I had to, like a true superhero, build my own cape and mask. Literally. And so I did. I gathered some cardboard, markers, tape and other materials left in the office, and I built my suit.

I’d never worked in a company like this. X-Team was like no other company I had ever had the opportunity to work with. I discovered an amazing atmosphere of people who truly believed in collaboration; that was the real power of every superhero I got to meet.

It was a great experience. Especially because X-Team changed me, challenged me and pushed me forward. Today I am much different than I was when I first started. And I’m glad to have experienced what I did.

Almost a year has passed and I now know that there actually was a lot of a designer in me. I’ve only discovered that with X-Team. I’ve learned that design isn’t just a matter of aesthetics or a word to explain how fancy some product can be; design is rather a process, an approach for problem-solving.

Through the process of Design Thinking I’ve learned that X-Team designs better solutions because it puts the user (not the client) in the center of the solution. More importantly, the client is brought together into the solution design, in a very collaborative and inclusive process.

I will never forget the person and the professional I became just by joining the X-Team community. To my fellow colleagues: thank you for unleashing the superhero in me.